I live in a small apartment with a cozy entrance-hallway-type-of-area. I like this little entrance, but it’s very narrow and was occupied by a massive protruding clothes rack. Bam, right-in-you-face, it’s the first thing anyone sees when walking in. This is the type of rack installed in almost all of the boxy soviet era buildings of the time. There is nothing wrong with the rack itself per se, but it clearly didn’t fit the space.

I started looking around for a ready-made solution but I couldn’t find anything suitable. Then one day as I was walking around in a hardware store, I saw these beautiful planks of wood lying on the floor. I went back home, took some measurements and returned to the wood aisle with a saw. The building process of this rack is sorta self-evident (hint: lots of sawing, drilling and screwing) so I’m not going to go through every little detail. Basically just throwing a bunch of planks together till everything looked right.

I did some sketches trying to figure out how everything would fit together while looking harmonic. Because the wall already had two mounts for the old clothes rack, I decided to build my TALF-rack (read it backwards) around them. The two vertical planks would make the base of the “ladder”, holding together the horizontal planks.

One feature I really sought after was ‘modularity’. I wanted to be able to add whatever I felt like needed to be added to the rack: shelves, hooks, baskets, racks. Because the TALF-rack is made out of wood, I could easily attach anything I wanted to it with some screws or nails. I found these cool colorful ceramic rhino-head hooks from Tiger and most of the other bits from IKEA. I like cleanliness but I hate moving stuff out of the way when I need to hoover, so I attached these white metal-wire baskets to the bottom for my shoes.

This isn’t a new project, I’ve had the rack for a few years now. It works great and it’s one of my favorite things I’ve put together.


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